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September 28, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

(THIS IS A LEMON, MEANING THEY HAVE SEX. Don’t like, don’t read, kay? ^-^)

You sit in a large, black chair dressed in a one-sleeved, floor-length, black dress with a red sash tied around your middle. You were not wearing this a few moments ago. Somehow,you had ended up in a large room with black and red tiles, a record playing player playing some kind of jazz music, and a black piano not too far away. Soft, blue lights illuminate the room.

Yes, somehow, you’ve ended up in Soul’s mind. It must’ve happened while you were fighting with him; you and Maka had switched partners for a while as an experiment. You had no objections. Soul was your boyfriend, afterall, for almost two years.

You hear footsteps suddenly and turn in your seat to see your said white-haired boyfriend who seemed pretty surprised.

“_-___? What are you doing here?”

You shrug a bit. “I don’t really know..”

He blinked but soon gained his cool composure again. He flashed one of his signature grins and offers his hand to you.

“Well, while you’re here, do you want to dance?”

You blink at him. “You’re actually asking me to dance?”

“Is that a no?”

You laugh a bit and take his hand. He wraps his free arm around your waist, pulling you closer. You laid your free hand on his chest. He gently moves you to the slow beat of the record player’s music. You smile a little at him. It felt good to be this close to him without anyone talking or fighting or bothering you.

You rest your forehead on his shoulder and he holds you tighter.  You loved moments like this when Soul wasn’t worried about looking cool and he loved and held you.

“I love you.” You say randomly.

You turn your head so your ear was pressed against his chest. You could hear his heartbeat and it somehow comforted you. Like him just being alive  and existing somehow set your nerves at ease.

“I love you too.” He said in a hushed voice and he kissed the top of your head.

You look up again to kiss his lips lovingly. He kisses you back and the both of you stop dancing. The kiss is long, and lasting, until you have to break for air. He strokes your cheek gently before kissing you again.  This kiss was rougher, though, and lustful.

His tongue glides across your lower lip and you moan softly into the kiss. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. His wet muscle explores your mouth and you moan again. Your hands slide into his white hair and gently grips a few locks.

He gently pushes you back into the chair and starts kissing and sucking your neck.

“I want you so badly.” He growls in a lustful voice.

“So, take me.” You reply and sigh in pleasure as his cool hands push up the skirt of your dress, up your legs. You move your knee up to rub his hard want through his pants. He lets out a groan in pleasure and unconsciously bucked his hips forward. He unzips the dress and slides it off your body. Since the dress only had one sleeve, you didn’t wear a bra, so you were left in your panties.

Soul slides down to kiss your thighs gently and then sends a lock lick up your leg until he reaches the brim of your underwear. He pulls down the unwanted fabric with his teeth and you pout.

“That’s not fair.. You’re still completely dressed.”

He chuckles a bit and leans back on the balls of his feet to unbutton and remove his jacket and dress shirt, removing the tie as well. He removes the clothing, exposing the long scar across his chest.

Before you can say anything about it though, he sends a slow, long lick up your womanhood, making you gasp and writhe a little.

“So wet already.” He hissed against your wet skin.

He licks your clit with the tip of his tongue, twirling the bundle of nerves with the wet muscle, as he slipped a finger into your entrance. You moan a bit as he moves his finger inside of you. He slips his tongue in with the digit, sending waves of intense excitement throughout your body.

“S-Soul..” You moan aloud.

He smirks when he knows you’re about to release when he pulls away. You pout a little as he sits up straight again. He unzips his pants and you impatiently reach forward and tug them off with his boxers.

He pushes you back into the chair again before kissing you roughly. He spreads your legs apart before slowly and gently pushing himself into you. You gasp a bit, digging your nails into his shoulders. He hissed from the pain and the pleasure and completely sheathed himself inside of you. He waits for your nod of approval and moves slowly once you do. You moan again and he grips the arms of the chair tightly.

He starts picking up the speed a little bit and moves at a different angle, trying to find that good spot. He hits it, dead on, and you cry out, seeing white.

“R-right there, Soul!” You moan as he hits it again. “Faster, h-harder!”

He smirks at your desperate moans, but does as you order him to. The chair starts to creak a little bit, but neither of you care. He kisses you roughly and sloppily as he continues pounding into you. The only sounds in the room were the chair, Soul’s groans, your moans, and the sound of your skin slapping against his.

He groans a bit as he feels your walls clamp down around him, making it harder to move. You moan his name loudly as you feel yourself climax and he follows soon after and not a moment too soon because the chair collapses right then. He holds you up however, so you don’t fall back on the broken shards of wood.

You pant and bit and cling onto his hot, sweaty body. He strokes your (h/c) hair gently and kisses your forehead, him panting as well.

“I love you Soul..” You say quietly as you snuggle close to him. He reaches over and pulls his red dress shirt on you so you weren’t completely naked anymore. It was a bit big on you, but it looked cute.

“Love you too, ____.”

-----(Time Skipz brought to you by Excalibur! XD)----

Soul looks down at the broken chair, dressed in his suit again. You’d left by now.

“My, had a bit too much fun, did we?” The recognizable, weird voice of the little red demon spoke. Soul frowned a bit.

“How much of that did you actually see?”

“Enough to know that she must be a better partner than Maka, hm?”
You're stuck in Soul's mind, literally. But, just how fun could that turn out to be? ;)

(I do not own Soul, Soul Eater, you, or the demon. Just the plot of the story. ^^)
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