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September 1, 2013
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Three years passed since you gave birth to your first son, and by now you and Kiku were married, and on your second and third children. This time, they were twins, and your little three year old was excited.
"What's it gonna be, Mama?" He asked excitedly as he crawled into bed with you and Kiku, who was still asleep.
"I don't know, baby." You answered and wrapped him in a tight hug, being cautious (as Kiku would want) of your 6-month-pregnant belly.
"I hope they're two boys."
You chuckled a bit. "Why's that?"
"Cause the girls in my day care class are stupid, and annoying."
"Totoro, zat is not porite." You heard your half-asleep husband say and Totoro pouted a little.

Kiku sat up to hug you both. "I want two hearthy babies, regardress of gender."
You smiled a bit and rubbed your tummy. "I want (whatever you want)."
"That'd be nice." Kiku said and you nod.
"But we'll have to wait and see."
He nodded a bit and held you closer, kissing your cheek gently.
After three more long months of mood swings, cravings, and morning sickness, you gave birth to both a boy and a girl, and then the five of you lived your happy lives as a family in peace.
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